For anything our customers purchase, they want to know that it came from the best source. That’s why at Modello Tile & Stone, we have an expansive selection of tile brands from all around the world! Professionals at our tile store in Pacheco, CA hand-select only the finest tile manufacturers which have stood the test of time in producing quality products. Our options range from high-end to inexpensive, making it as simple as possible to buy tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space. Browse online or visit our spacious showroom today!

Adex USA
Miami, FL
Elegant kitchen backsplashes, appealing bathroom floors, and singular fireplaces are just a few of the possibilities that Adex USA makes available with signature tile. The American tile company adheres to eco-friendly production processes for a dazzling, uniquely creative tile catalog that is a responsible choice for homeowners and contractors.
Adex USA Collections
American Olean
Lansdale, PA
With an eye to the future and the knowledge that comes with having produced high-quality tile since the 1920s, American Olean is a trusted brand that is relentlessly innovative. The company provides American tile in natural stone, wall, and mosaic styles for both residential and commercial projects.
American Olean Collections
American Universal
Santa Ana, Japan
Atrendsetter when it comes to premium Japanese tile, American Universal is a regular component of distinctive kitchens and bathrooms. The company is well-known for its porcelain and glass mosaic tiles that flawlessly blend into any space for an ornate, sophisticated look that will never go out of style.
American Universal Collections
Doral, FL
If you want a bespoke look for your house or office, you can’t go wrong with the unique tiles from Anthology. The American tile company has an incredible collection of exquisite tiles that work perfectly for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Anthology is the preferred brand for many contractors and has substantial traction among homeowners.
Anthology Collections
An American tile brand that has been depended on for decades, Bedrosians Tile & Stone is one of the largest independent distributors of stone and porcelain tile in the country. There’s ingenuity in the simplicity of each one of the brand’s designs, giving the appearance of lavishness while remaining cost-effective.
Bedrosians Tile & Stone Collections
Cambria USA
Eden Prairie, MN
Durability is the paramount quality of Cambria USA, which crafts an extensive line of quartz countertops and American tile surfaces that will fuel your creativity. The family-owned company is based out of a large facility in Minnesota, and each tile is crafted there by American workers.
Cambria USA Collections
Carmel Stone
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Stunning kitchen and bathroom remodels are the natural outcome when Carmel Stone’s sophisticated tile and stone products are implemented. The American tile company prioritizes the highest-quality natural materials from the world’s most beautiful locations, leading to a finished remodel that will effortlessly transform your home or business.
Carmel Stone Collections
Cepac Tile
Chatsworth, CA
Specializing in collections of Japanese tile that embrace the bold and stylish, Cepac Tile has been importing and distributing porcelain mosaic tile for decades. The company’s distinctive designs are regularly used in bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as exterior settings like swimming pools and patios.
Cepac Tile Collections
Castel Bolognese, Italy
This Italian tile – rich in value and good karma – is the result of a fanatical attention to detail and an unwavering devotion to sustainable practices. Cerdomus crafts high-quality porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a variety of outdoor spaces.
Cerdomus Collections
Crossville, TN
Family-owned and based in the Tennessee city that it is proudly named after, Crossville is a revered manufacturer of American tile for indoor and outdoor applications. The company produces a miscellany of natural stone, glass, and porcelain tile defined by their exquisite designs and remarkable build quality.
Crossville Collections
Dallas, TX
An American tile company that has been proudly based in the United States for more than seven decades, DalTile has grown from humble beginnings into the country’s largest tile manufacturer. The company’s comprehensive catalogue includes tiles for every conceivable indoor and outdoor use in countless styles and designs.
DalTile Collections
Almería, Spain
Dekton is a Spanish brand that specializes in large-format tiles and slabs with versatile designs and finishes for private homes and offices. Their top-of-the-line surfaces are made of a unique blend of porcelain, quartz and glass which delivers ultimate solutions for kitchen and bathroom countertops, outdoor and indoor claddings and flooring.
Dekton Collections
Dune Ceramics
San Juan De Moro, Spain
A Spanish tile brand that takes no shortcuts when it comes to quality, Dune Listellos is known for their inspirational floor and wall tiles that add immeasurable value to any space. The company also has a constantly-expanding line of mosaics and luxury bathroom fixtures for an enduring look.
Dune Ceramics Collections
Fullerton, CA
Established right here in the great state of California, Eleganza has become a major supplier of American tile to Pacheco and beyond. The company prides itself on creating quality tiles in every conceivable color, finish, and size to guarantee endless possibilities for interior and exterior spaces.
Eleganza Collections
Modena, Italy
A treasured Italian tile brand whose preeminence has become synonymous with greatness, Emilceramica is a worldwide distributor of residential and commercial tile. There is an ageless quality to all of the company’s tiles that is abundantly apparent in every patio, kitchen, and bathroom that they’re elegantly utilized in.
Emilceramica Collections
Emser Tile
Los Angeles, CA
Emser Tile is an American tile marketing and design company that was set up in 1968 and today, is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in high-quality porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, and natural stone tiles. As well as all these, the company is well known for its dynamic range of product selections.
Emser Tile Collections
Happy Floors
Miami, FL
A distributor of ceramic and porcelain Italian tile that utilizes innovative manufacturing methods for a sustainable, environmentally friendly product, Happy Floors is a favorite for walls and floors. The company’s premium tiles are available in a variety of appearances -- including marble, stone, concrete, and wood -- making them suitable for all purposes.
Happy Floors Collections
Island Stone
Capitola, CA
Glass and stone tiles infused with the richness of Mother Earth have made Island Stone a standout brand. The American tile company has taken the unique flavors of Indonesia to create tiles that bring a resplendent tropical feel to any kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or pool.
Island Stone Collections
Jeffrey Court
Norco, CA
Unique designs and hand-painted tiles make Jeffrey Court’s natural stone and porcelain products a popular choice for those seeking American tile. The company also provides a wide assortment of architectural moldings, trim pieces, and mosaics for a personalized look that will stand out in any space.
Jeffrey Court Collections
Latin Accents
Livermore, CA
Supplying hand-painted Mexican tiles for interior and exterior use, Latin Accents has become a preferred brand in the United States and elsewhere. In addition to colorful porcelain tiles, the company produces unique murals and sinks that are perfect for incorporating the rich customs of Mexico into any design project.
Latin Accents Collections
Irving, TX
Crafting high-quality American tile has been Maniscalco’s unwavering mission since their founding. The brand catalog features a considerable quantity of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Additionally, there are plenty of outdoor options that can turn a dream patio or pool into a reality.
Maniscalco Collections
Marazzi USA
Sunnyvale, TX
An American tile infused with distinctive Italian flair, Marazzi USA specializes in creating a tile that becomes the signature element of any space. Whether you’re looking for a mosaic tile to reimagine a bathroom, or natural stone for an eye-catching fireplace, the brand has tiles suitable for all purposes.
Marazzi USA Collections
A California brand that produces American tile and a diverse selection from leading international suppliers, Pan American Ceramics has been a reliable source of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles since 1982. Each one of their tiles is meticulously crafted, ensuring that they will withstand even the toughest of treatments.
Pan American Ceramics Collections
Villarreal, Spain
A Spanish tile brand that has cultivated its reputation through decades of excellence, Porcelanosa is a leading supplier of marble and stone tiles for the most lavish of looks. Tiles are infused with an extraordinary attention to detail that make them desirable components of any interior or exterior space.
Porcelanosa Collections
Richards & Sterling
Emeryville, CA
Proudly family-owned and operated since its founding in 1985, Richards & Sterling oversees a considerable collection of tiles for residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re looking to update a small bathroom or completely revamp a corporate office, the American tile company has tile solutions to meet any project’s specifications.
Richards & Sterling Collections
Coral Gables, FL
Utilizing patented technology to seamlessly blend minerals and recycled materials, Silestone is a unique American tile option for countertops, sinks, and siding. In addition to being low-maintenance, a Silestone surface is an appealing choice for everyday usage thanks to its scratch, chemical, and fire-resistant qualities.
Silestone Collections
Surface Art
Kent, WA
Any residential or commercial space is the ideal setting for a gorgeous Surface Art remodel. From kitchen backsplashes and fireplace accents to kitchen floors or outdoor patios, the American tile company offers a wide assortment of tile types. Plus, you’ll enjoy all of the easy maintenance and durability of tile.
Surface Art Collections
Los Angeles, CA
Vadara is an American tile company that specializes in quartz surfaces and countertops. This innovative, minimalist brand creates designs infused with natural beauty to bring out the splendor of your home or business’s interior design elements; they are known for their expert craftsmanship across multiple color options as well.
Vadara Collections
Newport News, VA
Motivated by a keen design sense that makes each one of their tiles feel unique, Voguebay provides a wide assortment of boutique glass, stone, and porcelain tiles. The company has taken the American tile market by storm with their luxury products that are simultaneously inventive and refined.
Voguebay Collections
For anything our customers purchase, they want to know that it came from the best source. That’s why at Modello Tile & Stone, we have an expansive selection of tile brands from all around the world! Professionals at our tile store in Pacheco, CA hand-select only the finest tile manufacturers which have stood the test of time in producing quality products. Our options range from high-end to inexpensive, making it as simple as possible to buy tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space. Browse online or visit our spacious showroom today!